Hi fellow Psychics,

First off, we would like to thank you for your patience. We know things in cryptospace moves quickly and we too have been less than pleased at our speed of progress. Nonetheless, we have had to make some internal changes to ensure we build something of value and at a quicker pace.

We would like to apologise once again for the delays and express that we too are frustrated by the lack of speed. …

We apologize for the delay of the new UI/UX launch. For the delay we would like to compensate PSY holders with 10 PSY each for those with more than 10 PSY in wallet address.

Snapshot has been taken and tokens will be distributed to wallets automatically within 1days.

We would like to thank the community again for supporting our small team and we hope as much as you that this project becomes what we hope it can be.

Good news Psychic community!

Our long awaited news is here!

1. NEW UI/UX will be updated by this Sunday (or earlier).

2. Betting/predict will be starting soon! You will be able to bet and win $PSY. We will focus on developing this to have more use case and utility for $PSY tokens.
Predict Bot group will be used until Predit Market goes live.

3. Team 400k token locked :

200k locked for 6 months
200k locked for 12 months


4. We will no longer will continue with the secondary token idea PSY Power as a stablecoin. But we are…

As seen, we are getting plenty of new members every day and a lot of newcomers are still not aware of a lot of stuff regarding our Psychic Card. So here is the thing to help:

We have level card 3 type

1. psychic level card
2. keyman card (predict & referee)
3. psychic whale card

Psychic level card: have two type reward

1) basic reward

Stake PSY and be rewarded through PSY power to get thee SUPER Card!

As we had mentioned earlier, we have some very exciting news for the users!

We issue psy power to increase the stable community reward and the value of psy Token.

The Total figure is 1 million, 500,000 community rewards and 500,000 staking rewards.

By staking Psy tokens, you can receive Psy Power rewards.

With setting 100 psy token (minimum) stake, it will give 0.2 psy power a day to the user, and after 5 days, it means 1 psy power. …

With different options to make a passive income nowadays on the crypto ecosystem, yield farming seems to top the list. Yield farming is a viable way of generating passive income with your cryptocurrencies. When you farm on a crypto protocol, you will earn interest from your investment.

While hundreds of crypto projects support yield farming, one platform going the extra mile in doing so is our project Psychic Finance. This Binance Smart Chain project is user-driven and would reward you with the PSY token for farming on its network.

What is Psychic Finance, and how is it different from other…

Psychic Finance

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