PancakeSwap V2 migration completed !
If you are currently in possession of PancakeSwap LP Tokens, whether they’re staked in farms, vaults, or simply in your wallet, you’ll need to move lp from v1 to v2 pool

1. Unstake your LP tokens from old farms
and Remove liquidity from old type of LP(V1.Old type)

2. Add LP liquidity to the new type of LP(V2 type)
*you can add LP liquidity here

3. Restake and enjoy new farms

Four simple steps. We have a dedicated migration page ready to go that will help you speed through it in just a few clicks.
If you don’t have any LPs staked, well, then you don’t need to do anything at all!

We are happy to announce
Create an Article or Video review about Psychic Finance Farming #PSY.


The articles content should be a tutorial on how to yield farm on Psychic Finance. We prefer the review Video/Article to be in English. If your content is made for non-English speakers, prepare an English transcript/translation in the form you send to us.


💰Prizes per EACH category💰:


1 BNB for video with the most views/engagement on Youtube.
0.5 BNB for video with the most detailed/creative content on Youtube.

Text Article

1 BNB, split between

2 most detailed/creative article (Medium/Hackernoon/Personal Blogs etc…)


Submit your materials (article or…

participate in predict bot and get psy token airdrop !


How to participate and play?

  • Join telegram Channel
    — Follow Twitter
    — Participate in predict market
    — Winner will be given points
    — points can be converted to PSY that will be sent at the end of every month to your wallet automatically
    — Conversion rate is 10:1, if you have 10 points, you’ll get 1 PSY token to your wallet

    Let’s all enjoy the Predict Poll game while we wait for the launch of Predict Market

Thank you fellow psychics for sticking with us. We are proud to announce the new look to with an updated UI!

Again the team and developers are sorry for such a heavy delay but we have promised it and it is done 🚀

Predict Bot is almost ready and in final stage of testing which will be release shortly.

We will also be preparing PSY staking points within this month and get ready for the launch of the Predict Market and Psychic NFT cards base on our road map.

Whitepaper will be out tentatively next week as well. So stay tune! 🔮🚀

Q :What is the Psychic finance?
A: Yieldfarm ,Predict market, Psychic NFTs card , with many ways to earn

Q: Why I can’t claim all my farming rewards?
A: Psychic reward pools have a time lock of 75% for 1 year. The other 25% can be claimed anytime. This mechanism is to ensure that price cannot be dumped and to focus on getting mid to long term players on board.

Q: What can I use PSY for?
A: Staking pool is being developed where PSY can be staked and points can be earned. …

Greetings fellow Psychics,

We have concluded the Early Supporters Airdrop Programme (24 February–2 March) with a total of 50 random winners which were split to through 7 days. Each winner was rewarded with an airdrop of 60 PSY directly to their wallets.

All dev and team wallets were excluded from this airdrop.

Here are the lists of winners that were picked randomly through an automated randomiser:

Early Supporters Airdrop Programme DAY 1 Winners (Random Picker):

0x93055788dfd8d72773b104a8123b5ccdf1c8f804 0xecbd4ec09187e85a215b5c4c04750efe90b10682 0x5da70b3a2ed7bf0ba68a3d4219e8e874842c2136 0x63c159d19e03dce6fade353117b939f2eebc7fd3 0xf8f3ad38addb7d739c89b484f28d877032606503 0x951b6d50d07c39b0f97a7bb2f5c1e96f07a093d3 0x595e6056c097967303dcc36425df18a019025d74

Early Supporters Airdrop Programme DAY 2 Winners (Random Picker):

0x11ad00e05208937dab279ff726f2c082aee8db33 0x1edfbd4e0993d361d50cd37bcddb46004a067d30 0xbf86d5dd56946b4cbcf5a2c8ab10a7000734cd54 0xc912528bf5fe26a20363f4438b28eb194de0d195 0x361b4ce219cb89923363119be3288a006b734200 0xe2630dbe1a41faea8ef4b0b4f095423ac617da1c 0xceeac2261f11cd9d0d5d27d26304b65e38b96a5f…

Hi fellow Psychics,

First off, we would like to thank you for your patience. We know things in cryptospace moves quickly and we too have been less than pleased at our speed of progress. Nonetheless, we have had to make some internal changes to ensure we build something of value and at a quicker pace.

We would like to apologise once again for the delays and express that we too are frustrated by the lack of speed. …

We apologize for the delay of the new UI/UX launch. For the delay we would like to compensate PSY holders with 10 PSY each for those with more than 10 PSY in wallet address.

Snapshot has been taken and tokens will be distributed to wallets automatically within 1days.

We would like to thank the community again for supporting our small team and we hope as much as you that this project becomes what we hope it can be.

Good news Psychic community!

Our long awaited news is here!

1. NEW UI/UX will be updated by this Sunday (or earlier).

2. Betting/predict will be starting soon! You will be able to bet and win $PSY. We will focus on developing this to have more use case and utility for $PSY tokens.
Predict Bot group will be used until Predit Market goes live.

3. Team 400k token locked :

200k locked for 6 months
200k locked for 12 months

4. We will no longer will continue with the secondary token idea PSY Power as a stablecoin. But we are…

As seen, we are getting plenty of new members every day and a lot of newcomers are still not aware of a lot of stuff regarding our Psychic Card. So here is the thing to help:

We have level card 3 type

1. psychic level card
2. keyman card (predict & referee)
3. psychic whale card

Psychic level card: have two type reward

1) basic reward

  • with level type, we give different reward. - can purchase random psychic card with 1 psy power (psy staking need) - no reward card can be opened when you open card (ex : odds…

Psychic Finance

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